Bullet or Wand?

A Battle for The Bedroom!

Written By Landa Fox, Certified Sexual Health Educator

“I’m looking for a vibrator.”

This is the most common opening line for us here at Susan James…well, after we get the “hi” and “how can we help you?” out of the way.

We’ve gotten pretty good over our collective years of experience about asking the right questions to help you find something that is going to work for you and your body. However, always remember our favorite saying around the shop: “Every body is different!” Having said that, let’s talk about two of the most popular types of vibrators designed for clitoral stimulation and why someone might choose one over the other.

If you come into the store, our staff might start asking what seem like some pretty intimate questions – but trust us, we’ve heard it before, and we would never ask something if it wasn’t meant to help us find the sex toy that is right for you! Some of the questions we often start with are:
How do you usually masturbate?
When you masturbate do you use one finger touching one spot that feels great or do you use multiple fingers to cover more ‘feel good’ spots?
Do you need a lot of sensation to orgasm or are you more sensitive and need gentle stimulation?

These questions can help us figure out if you might be more likely to like a bullet vibrator or a wand. So, let’s talk about some reasons why people may or may not want each type!

Bullet Vibes

Why a Bullet might be a winner:

  • Offers pinpoint stimulation for people who have “that one spot” that feels amazing and gets them there
  • Because the sensation is focused, some people say they can experience their orgasm more fully (whereas a wand might ‘cover up’ some of the sensation)
  • They are usually pretty small and can be used pretty easily during all kinds of partnered play
  • Come in a range vibration sensations – rumbly and buzzy are the words most people use to describe this range

Why a Bullet might be a loser:

  • For some, the stimulation is too focused and feels too intense, especially for people who have a very sensitive clitoris 
  • They can be tough to hold on to for people with dexterity challenges of any kind.
  • Some people find they can transfer the vibration to the hand, leading to a pins and needles feeling

Wand Vibes

Why a Wand might be a winner:

  • Many people prefer really broad stimulation that stimulates more of the labia and clitoris. This can simply be because of the way a person’s bits work, or it might be preferred if they are sensitive to sensation.
  • For some folks, the power that some wands (particularly the plug-in kind) offer is what they need to get over the top and reach climax. Amazing! If it works for you, it’s the right vibrator.
  • Wands are called wands because they have a handle like a magician’s wand. This means they are great for people with dexterity challenges or for people who need adaptive attachments in order to use sex toys.

Why a Wand might be a loser:

  • It’s too much! What works for one might not work for the other. For lots of folks the punch a wand packs is too much stimulation and they need or want to start smaller.
  • They can be a bit more challenging to use during some partnered sex positions. But, there’s plenty they do work wonders in (we’re looking at you doggy style!).
  • As mentioned above, some people find that the big vibrations from powerful wands can drown out the orgasmic sensations they’ve been seeking. But it can sometimes just be about learning how your body and your new sidekick work best together!

We love helping people discover what is most likely to work for them. Come visit us and help us find your best bet!

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