Your anal adventure starts here.

Discovering your backdoor is like opening up Pandora’s Box of pleasure and fun. We’re happy to help guide you on your journey of anal exploration and show you some of the best accessories that will treat your booty right.

We-Vibe Ditto

If you have been toying with the idea of trying a vibrating butt plug, this toy is an excellent place to start. Often, getting a vibrating plug means a pretty big jump in its size. That motor has to go somewhere, and that often means getting wider or longer. But not with our pal, Ditto! The Ditto has the deep rumbly vibrations We-Vibe is known for, but keeps a slim, easily-insertable size. This vibe stays in place well for plug and play action, whether that is some coy, out-and-about fun, or bedroom-based bliss! Come in and view our best-selling vibrating butt plug.

Icicles No. 44 – Glass Butt Plug

This plug is an excellent starting point for anyone who is interested in trying out a wearable butt plug combined with the unique sensations of glass. No. 44 is a beautiful black blown glass that has an incomparable taper that makes it comfortable to wear for extended periods. This plug is also nicely bulbous, but short, which when combined with the subtle heaviness of the glass, makes for a delightful feeling of fullness when worn..

Satisfyer Lolli Plug 1

Whenever we see anal beads that are small but vibrate we are pumped! That why the Lolli Plug 1 got us excited. The three gradually sized beads start narrow and end with a still very comfortable final ridge. Extra bonus is that the base of these beads is wide enough to ensure safety, but small enough to allow for comfortable wear during other kinds of sexy fun. The vibrations are the classic Satisfyer rumble. The magenta colour of the smooth silicone tops off the fabulousness!

Mistress Heart Gem Anal Plug Set

We love a good training kit. They are an amazing way to give yourself options for what is most comfortable, depending on the day and the play you are planning. The set has three plugs of gradually increasing size, each of which is topped off with a gorgeous bright red heart-shaped gem. One unique thing about this set we love is that each plug has subtle ridging for added sensation during insertion as well as increased stimulation if worn during penetrative sex.

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