Frequently Asked Questions

You’ve got questions – we’ve got answers.

Purchasing & Ordering

Unfortunately, no.

At this time, we are only able to process payments in-person. With our expansive selection and small staff, we are currently not equipped to maintain an online store. We also cannot take payment via phone.

We understand the inconvenience this may cause, but highly encourage in-person toy shopping. Our staff is highly knowledgeable & passionate about helping you find your perfect toy. We also have a huge selection of tester products so you can actually touch the toys before you buy!

The short answer – yes.

Due to the nature of our store & images on some product packaging we are an 18+ establishment.

If however, you are the legal age of consent in Canada (16+) and are accompanied by a parent or legal guardian, we would be more than happy to assist in providing information on different areas of sexual health, gender affirmation and personal pleasure.

We request parents of young children to refrain from bringing them into the store, unless the child is in a carrier.

Some products that are available to us are not items we keep in stock due to low demand or being too niche. With that said, we are more than happy to see if the desired product you are looking for is available to us and order it in for you.

If there is a product that we regularly carry that is frequently out of stock due to high demand, we can bring one in specifically for you at your request. Once the item arrives, we will contact you.  You will have 3 days to pick up your order before it is deemed unclaimed and goes out on the floor for sale.

**If you want to request a high priced, specialty item, we will require prepayment of the product**

Returns, Exchanges & Warranty

All personal pleasure products purchased at our store have a 30 day in-store warranty.

If the product shows signs of being defective or develops a defect within the 30 day period, bring the product, packaging and proof of sale into the store. Please ensure that you keep the product packaging and the receipt – Loyalty Members will have receipts on file for reprint.

Once the 30 day in-store warranty period has passed, different manufacturers may offer different warranties for their products. All manufacturer warranties will start from the original date of purchase (this includes warranties on defective exchanges). Click here for links to our carried bands and their warranty policies.

If you are unsure which manufacturer made your toy, reach out to us and we may be able to tell you!

We are so sorry to hear your product isn’t taking you there! Unfortunately, the nature of sex toys can make finding the perfect one a trial-and-error process. Due to health and safety reasons, our exchange policy only covers defective products. If you didn’t love your toy – don’t fear! – you still have options. Many sex toys are incredibly versatile, so experiment and get creative with how you use it – you may discover some new sensations. For resale options, buyers can be found in online marketplaces such as Kijiji, Facebook Marketplace, or Craigslist, as well as dedicated spaces like the r/UsedSexToys subreddit or websites such as Squeaky Clean Toys.

If lingerie was purchased for you and it’s not quite your size or style, we can exchange it for a different piece – provided the original tags are still attached and the piece is obviously unworn. This excludes sale items.

For health and safety reasons, unwanted toys are not covered by our exchange policy, regardless of presence of hygiene seal. See above for tips on what to do with unwanted toys.

Lingerie products are exchangeable for a different size or style within 30 days of purchase – provided the original tags are attached and the piece is obviously unworn. This excludes sale items.

Rewards Program

There are a few benefits to joining our Customer Rewards program. The most exciting is the free gift card for your average amount spent! We calculate your average by adding all 8 of your purchases together (before tax) and divide the total by 8. Gift cards will be issued on the spot after the completion of your 8th purchase.

We will also have your complete purchase history on file, which can be handy in a few ways! If you forget the name or manufacturer of a specific product you’ve purchased, we can look it up for you. This makes finding warranty info so much easier, as well as giving us a more accurate understanding of your preferences for the best recommendations. We also have copies of your receipts, and can reprint them at any time. This is awesome for products with an extended warranty – you don’t have to hold onto that little paper for years just in case you need to make a claim – just drop by and we can print it off!

Best of all – it’s all completely free!

It’s simple – just provide us with a name and phone number next time you visit our store. We do not take your email address and will never contact you by phone, we simply use the phone number provided to find your account profile.

If you have reached or surpassed 8 purchases, it’s time for your gift card! Let us know that you’re due for one next time you come in and we will make it for you while you shop. Keep in mind that math is involved so it may take a few minutes.

Please note – our system is not formatted to show us your purchase history upon opening your profile. Please ask us to check your gift card status next time you are at the till.

We – Vibe

Don’t worry – you are absolutely not alone. Some We-Vibe products use a new linking technology referred to as “Anchor Link Technology.” Because of this, some We-Vibe products may require a setup that differs from standard Bluetooth pairing procedure. Click here for a link to the official troubleshooting page from We-Vibe.